Friday, November 16, 2012

Sh*t Gets Real Round 2 & A Little Gratitude

Okay, okay. We admit it. We are more than a little guilty of posting blog updates less than often. It’s time for another round of “sh*t gets real on the GLR.”

The truth is, our sites are on the finish line and that’s the main focus. The novelty of eating every meal out, living out of a duffel bag, running 30 miles a day, being in a new town every couple of nights—it’s pretty much all worn off. We aren’t complaining per se, but we admit to feeling a bit uninspired when it comes to writing these days.

We know [and are tremendously looking forward to!] all the exciting things that are coming up in the next few weeks—our families decided to have Thanksgiving together this year, so there will indeed be an official Great Lung Run Thanksgiving, the official GLR arrival on December 1 in Crissy Field [we better see you there…], and the welcome home party hosted at SI on December 6 [better see you there, too] so we will just keep our sites on that and keep chugging along.

With all that aside, as we approach the end of this adventure, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving and the holiday season, we need to give a few public messages of thanks.

to OUR PARENTS: like in everything we do, your support means the world. We are endlessly grateful for the constant encouragement. We feel pretty lucky to have the parents we do.

to DARBY: thanks for being the best boss/friend/helper/coordinator we could ever ask for.

to everyone at the BONNIE J. ADDARIO LUNG CANCER FOUNDATION: thanks for supporting this entire adventure. It would have never happened without you.

to KATE BERGSTROM: thank you for giving us Ollie (may he rest in peace). We made it to New Mexico because of your generosity. 

to Kelcey’s entire body but especially her legs and feet: way to go. You rule.

to HENRY: you can read about how grateful we are to you here, but let us say it again: you reminded us what it means to be truly selfless, good and kind. Thank you for giving two random girls a means to continue this epic adventure.

to our VISITORS: each of you has brough something to this adventure, re-energizing us in a way we haven’t even known we’ve needed. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives.

to every single person who has supported this adventure in any capacity—a text, an email, facebook message or tweet, donation, good thought or prayer, sent a care package, provided a meal—the list goes on: we wish saying thank you would cut it. You can never really know how much your support means to us.

Finally, to JILL: thanks for inspiring us day after day. We love and miss you, always.

And San Francisco…well, we are pretty grateful to call you home. See you in 15!

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