Friday, September 28, 2012

And We're Back!

Kelcey logged another 30 miles under her belt today through Northern Oklahoma and all went according to plan. Kelcey's legs are great, Ollie [the car] is back in action, we didn't get stuck on any mud roads, so all in all we can't complain. Kelcey is especially looking forward to this weekend because two friends from Harvard are coming to join the party that is the Great Lung Run. 

Pre 30 miles --6:45am
Post 30 miles--1:15pm

We will spend the remainder of the day resting up (Kelcey), working out (hopefully Sydney) and counting down the hours until dinner (both). 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Four Words: F*%!*!^. Car. Trouble. Again.

We woke up today so excited to get back to our routine. Kelcey logged another 30 miles around Kansas and then we were on our way to pick up our good old pal Ollie from the Ford dealership in Winfield, KS. We were on our way that is, until one wrong turn led us to a dirt road. A muddy, wet, dirt road. You can imagine what happened next. If you can't imagine, see below.

We called in our trusty hero's at AAA of Kansas to come to our rescue. Only when they did, they too got stuck in the mud.

Despite all this, they were able to pull our car out and we were able to go on our way. So we said our thank you's and left, assured by the driver we didn't need to worry about him because he had "bigger trucks and then bigger trucks after that" that could pull him out.

Of course in the end it's all worked itself out; it's funny how most things always do.

Tomorrow, fingers crossed, we get back on schedule. Kelcey will pick up her route and we will get back on the road to home.

Until then, we can't help but say: Kansas: 2, Great Lung Run: 0.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Two Words: Car. Trouble.

Despite our best efforts to plan for every possible situation, things just don't always go as planned. Late last week, the power steering on our beloved Ollie gave out [completely, horrifyingly, just OUT]. Sydney was driving to the airport to head home for a wedding when suddenly her attempts at steering no longer made any difference in which direction the car went.

A long story short, we rented a car for the weekend (which has since turned into the weekend plus the majority of this week) while the car is in Winfield, KS getting fixed. You know how those things go--what starts as one thing needing to be fixed [power steering, we are talking to you] suddenly turns into new tire tracks and "knuckles around your bearings" [anyone?] and a whole slew of other car jargon we don't exactly understand.

You're likely wondering what Kelcey is doing while the car is out of commission. The shortest answer is being a trooper. We don't want to get too far away from the city where the car dealership is, which is making it hard for Kelcey to progress along her route. The compromise? She runs 30 miles around our current city (Wichita) and has agreed to apply the miles to her route once the car is done.

We hope to have the car back tomorrow and then continue on to Oklahoma where Kelcey will pick up her route again. From Oklahoma we go to New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and finally, California!

We are so excited to get our sweet Ollie back because our car magnets have arrived and we can't wait to start using them!

Car Magnets
In the mean time and from here on out, be sure to check the blog regulary because we have simplified the process for updating so we will be able to do it with much more frequency.

Thank you for the regular texts, calls and emails to see how we are doing. Your support really means so so much to both of us! Xxo