Thursday, September 27, 2012

Four Words: F*%!*!^. Car. Trouble. Again.

We woke up today so excited to get back to our routine. Kelcey logged another 30 miles around Kansas and then we were on our way to pick up our good old pal Ollie from the Ford dealership in Winfield, KS. We were on our way that is, until one wrong turn led us to a dirt road. A muddy, wet, dirt road. You can imagine what happened next. If you can't imagine, see below.

We called in our trusty hero's at AAA of Kansas to come to our rescue. Only when they did, they too got stuck in the mud.

Despite all this, they were able to pull our car out and we were able to go on our way. So we said our thank you's and left, assured by the driver we didn't need to worry about him because he had "bigger trucks and then bigger trucks after that" that could pull him out.

Of course in the end it's all worked itself out; it's funny how most things always do.

Tomorrow, fingers crossed, we get back on schedule. Kelcey will pick up her route and we will get back on the road to home.

Until then, we can't help but say: Kansas: 2, Great Lung Run: 0.

1 comment:

  1. It's extraordinary that Kelcey is doing better than a car. I think there is a legend to be made here something about John Henry vs the steam powered hammer. My money is on Kelcey.

    As some one surviving lung cancer - thank you Kelcey for all you are doing!