Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Your Burning GLR Questions...Answered!

Darby did a little interview with Kelcey with some of your most pressing questions. Still have a question you want answered? Leave it in the comment section below and we will do our best to respond!

From Darby...
When my mom and I started our drive out to meet Kelcey on the road last week our minds were spinning with questions we just had to ask. Despite being heavily involved in outreach and fundraising for the Great Lung Run, I still had NO idea how Kelcey was actually getting from New York to San Francisco. There were so many burning questions that I had to bombard her with, even after a 35 mile run. So, in an effort to feed everyone’s curiosity and answer many of your questions, I conducted a little interview with Kelcey and have hopefully cleared up small parts of The Great Lung Run. I still do not understand how a human body can physically run 30 plus miles every single day for four months, but hey, I am pretty sure Kelcey is Superwoman. So that answers that!

Darby: How often do you eat while you are running and what are your favorite snacks? Do you carry your water with you? And how do you carry it all?

Kelcey: I will usually eat two bars while out on the road and maybe some fruit that I all carry in my camelback. My camelback also has my iphone, wallet and a cell phone case charger just in case my phone starts to die.  

D When you wake up in the morning how do you prepare for the run? What is your daily morning routine?

K: I am normally up between 530 and 6. I get dressed, brush my teeth and fill my backpack with water. Then, I have a little breakfast which normally consists of coffee, oatmeal (if available), greek yogurt and fruit. Then, Sydeny drives me out to the drop off spot, which at times can be over an hour away and I take off!.

D: How does your body feel when you first roll out of bed? Are there days when you just want to snooze and take a day off?

K: My body usually feels fine. The sorest part of the day is actually right when I finish the run for the day and jump in the car. I am pretty accustomed to getting up early in the morning so it never occurs to me to turn off my alarm, but my bedtime is normally about 830 so that makes it easier.

D: How often do you go through running shoes?

K: Probably every 400 to 500 miles.

D:   Have there been any situations where you’ve felt really scared or uncomfortable?

K: No not at all.

D: How many animals have you seen on the road? Have any ever come close?

K: No idea how many animals I have seen in total but I have seen lots of cows, goats, horses and rabbits. The one time I did feel a little bit intimidated by an animal was actually last week. I was walking on a back road and a cow started following me. Normally when I pass by cows they just mind their own business and continue eating their grass but this one was different. It followed me for a while and then started scraping its feet and sort of blowing air out of its nose. Just in case, I found a concrete/fenced in metal area that I stood in for a while until the cow finally lost interest and turned around. Other than that I haven’t really had any close encounters with any animals.

D  Have you fallen or suffered any injuries?

K: I fell once (link to blog) about two months ago maybe 200 feet from where Sydney was parked to pick me up. I fell flat on my face but luckily nobody saw, not even Sydney. I haven’t had any injuries during the run just some soreness.  The first couple of weeks of the run I went through a series of sore muscles but I think it was just my body adjusting. Recently my shoulders have gotten pretty knotted up but it’s more annoying than anything and not a major injury.

D: What is most of the terrain like that you are running on? Dirt, sand pavement?

K: The terrain is so varied I couldn’t event really answer that; it totally depends on the day. I have run on highways, trails, hiked without a road or trail, sand, desert, mountains, mud, everything.  I have only had a couple of days of rain but once you’re wet you’re wet.

D  When you get back to San Francisco and stop running a marathon every day, do you forsee any problems like sleep, the need to run everywhere rather than have a car?!

K: I am definitely nervous about sleep. Just being tired enough to sleep at the end of every day. I am also really nervous that I will develop restless leg syndrome. Other than that I will just be happy to change my routine and be more yoga heavy. Plus I’m just excited to be home.

D:  What are the top 5 things that you have missed most while being on The Great Lung Run?

K: I have really missed cooking and eating home cooked meals. I miss wearing regular clothes and not jogging outfits and sweats all the time. I really miss Whole Foods Market as well as my daily yoga classes. But, most of all, I miss my family.

Fast Five Questions

1)   Dirt or pavement? Pavement

2)   Music or books when you run? Depends on day. More music than books

3)   Rest or out and about when you finish your run? Depends on day too. If something interesting then out and about. Otherwise rest is always good.

4)   Favorite state to run in so far? California!!

5)   Least Favorite state? New MEXICO!!!

Darby and Kelcey on the road to California

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