Monday, November 19, 2012

Having Visitors is Like Getting a Fun Package in the Mail

Over the last couple weeks I have had some very exciting visitors. While that did mean that Sydney and I were apart for several days at each interval, it was still really great to have some fresh faces and new energy on the road.

On Halloween, Sydney left to go to LA for a wedding extravaganza so Darby and her mom, Judy, drove from LA to pick me up at the end spot in Arizona. They greeted me in festive costumes of Tigger (Darby) and a tutu-ed lady (Judy). They stayed with me until Sunday, November 4 and we had a fantastic time together. We enjoyed staying in Kingman and Bullhead City in Arizona before they dropped me in Needles, CA. The best part was that they were with me when I crossed into California on November 3rd which was a huge milestone for the GLR.

Sydney was back for a week before heading up to San Francisco on November 9 in order to be in town for the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation gala, which was held on November 10. In her place came several people- my parents picked me up Friday afternoon and we enjoyed a night in Barstow, CA. Saturday evening I had the pleasure of being joined by two of my college roommates- Lauren Mann and Katie Varney, as well as Katie's mom (and my nutritional consultant) Jeannie. Katie and Jeannie joined me for the full run on Sunday and it was awesome to have their company. At the end of the day Lauren and my father joined us for a few miles and a jolly time was had by all! On Monday Lauren joined me for a stellar 16 miles, braving some mountains and blisters.

Sydney returned Tuesday afternoon of last week and we have gotten right back into our routine as we head north from Bakersfield toward SF. This past weekend while in Lemoore, CA, Sydney's good friend from college, Arielle Fersht, joined us for a few days. Instead of running, she brought her bike along and followed me along my route both days. She even bought a GoPro for her trip out, a little camera that she attached to her head while riding behind me. She got some great footage and is putting together a video which we will of course post right here on the blog.

Currently we are in Los Banos, CA, about 65 miles south of Trac. Planning for all of the arrival events (December 1 & 6) has been exciting and we are both very happy to truly be in the home stretch.

Thanks to my visitors and to all of our supporters!!!

top left: Lauren, me and Katie
top right: me, Sydney and Arielle
bottom left: Papa Harrison, me and Mama Harrison
bottom right: me, Lauren, Jeannie and Katie


  1. Kelcey - congratulations! Looking at a map of Los Banos to SF distance in relation to the entire country is truly awe-inspiring!!

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