Tuesday, October 23, 2012

These are a few of our Favorite Things...

We’ve compiled a list of things that brighten our days. In semi-particular order:

1. Breaking Bad [if you don't watch, do yourself a favor and start. NOW. seasons 1-4 available on netflix. seriously. do it.]
2. Nuts
3. Peppermints/Gingers
4. Dried Mango [without added sugar]
5. Sparkling Water
6. Prunes
7. Whole Foods
8. The Cinema [the movies]
9. Hampton Inns
10. Crest White Strips
11. Coffee Shops [bonus points if they make a good cup of coffee]
12. 9pm bed time [no matter what!]
13. Early morning car drives listening to NPR
14. Dr. Hoy’s pain relief gel [let’s call it what it is: arthritis cream]
15. West Coast [our anthem]
16. Wine [since this post declaring complete sobriety, we realized something: life is better with wine involved. the GLR has only gotten better since]
17. Being in the Pacific Time Zone [yes. that happened today. we couldn’t be happier about it]

 See you in 11 days, California. And San Francisco? You're only 39 days away. 


  1. Keep kicking @$$ lady! so so proud of you and love following your journey!

  2. You are truly a special person. Good luck on the remainder of your journey. This is an awesome way to raise awareness about lung cancer.