Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Day in the Life of the Great Lung Run.

We are finally in New Mexico! Officially being out of the Midwest is the most important part of this accomplishment. Of course, we had some help along the way from visitors like Gianna Toboni, Kelly McDerby, Maggie Robinson, and Allie Keeley. All of these are friends of Kelcey's from different walks of life who made long journeys just to visit little Kelc in the most random and desolate places you could think of.  They all fell right into our routine, which is second nature to us, but must be strange to our visitors. Unfortunately, you really have to experience it to understand it, but we have each outlined our daily routines to give you a glimpse into our lives. Be warned: reading these schedules will once and for all eliminate the illusion that we are living in the lap of luxury which we are sure you have assumed all along. 


-5:00 - 6:00: Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast (oatmeal with Greek Yogurt and fruit, coffee and water)6:00 - -6:30/7:00: Drive to the drop off spot for the day and part ways with Sydney which is always such sweet sorrow.
-6:30/7:00 - 1:00/2:00: Run, walk a little bit, run some more
-1:00/2:00: Sydney picks me up and we may explore a bit or do some errands. I eat a post run meal that varies from fruit and nuts to whole grain bread with cottage cheese and/or deli meat to 3 bean salad with tomato. In small towns we return to the hotel where I shower and sometimes ice bath. We then usually discuss any further developments with regards to the run - future hosts, possible visitors, press outreach, etc. We both usually have to do some computer work - emailing, blog writing, route mapping, etc while we play music and relax for a bit.
-6:00/7:00 - Go to dinner. Now, the timing on this is something we are still working to perfect. We discovered that 6:00 is really just too early, but we also generally start counting down until we can eat dinner at about 3:30. Just before 6:30 is usually the best time to sit down for our meal because it allows us to finish early enough to do all the other little things that need doing before we crawl into bed at a very reasonable hour. Finding dinner in the small towns we have passed through has perfectly demonstrated Sydney's prowess at online research and her ability to find the absolute best that these small areas have to offer. We have eaten very well so far!
-8:00 - 9:00: Watch a little bit of television and/or do some more writing and emailing.
-9:00-10:00: Both of us are in bed reading our books and trying to just finish one more chapter before we succumb to sweet, sweet sleep.

-5:30-6:00: Wake up; decide if pajamas are suitable for drop-off or if actual clothes are required; locate the nearest cup of coffee
-6:00-6:30/7: Drive to drop off spot and bid my little runner friend adieu; start counting down hours until its time to pick her up
-7:00-8:00: Drive back to hotel
-8:00-12:30/1:00: review routes; research hotels, hosts and organize plans for next day; contact local newspapers and media; workout [Kelcey can’t be the only one logging some serious exercise time! Shout out to Shaun T. and Insanity for whipping [read: torturing] me into shape every day]; grocery shop; write; research dinner options [literally my best skill and contribution to the Great Lung Run]
-12:30-2:00: drive to pick up Kelcey and back to hotel
-2:00-6:30: read/write/relax/explore town
-6:30: the time we have been waiting for all day. Dinner! Dinners usually consist of veggies and protein. And water. Have we mentioned The Great Lung Run is a dry adventure? We aren’t thrilled about it. But hey. Extreme athlete over here, what can we say?
-8:00-9:00: watch TV
-9:00-10:00: read and try not to laugh at Kelcey who has fallen asleep holding her iPad while reading [happens every. single. night]

We even dress alike.


  1. keep up the great work! I wish I could come visit, you are wonderful... Love you Syd!!!

  2. Asesome schedule, and excited to read where you are every day! xo

  3. Love the routines. Keep it up gals!

  4. You two are awesome!!! Such an inspiration!! Keep it up girls!!!