Monday, October 1, 2012


See that number above? That, ladies and gentlemen, is the total number of miles Kelcey has run since she started. It's a very important and monumental number because it marks the halfway point of the run. THE HALF WAY POINT, PEOPLE!! 9 weeks down, 9 to go! And Kelcey is looking stronger than ever if I do say so myself.

Today was also a special run because Kelcey was joined by two of her friends from Harvard, Maggie Robinson & Allie Keeley, who were some serious troopers and kept up with her the whole way. 

Maggie, Kelc & Allie post run

Just a few more days left in Oklahoma before crossing the border to New Mexico [which is the official marker in our minds of being on the west coast (and if you disagree with us, don't tell us. seriously.)]

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